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e93 News

6/13/2021: e93 for Linux was updated to fix some complaints coming from gnome WM.

1/3/2021: e93 was updated for MacOS Big Sur.

1/25/2020: e93 for X11 has been updated to support Xft, and UTF-8. Click on the "Download Unix Source" link at the left.

5/19/2018: Fred Allen has made further updates to e93 for Mac Cocoa. Click on the "Download Mac Executable" link at the left.

5/6/2018: Fred Allen has made additional updates to e93 for Mac Cocoa. Click on the "Download Mac Executable" link at the left.

7/10/2017: Fred Allen has updated e93 for Mac Cocoa. Click on the "Download Mac Executable" link at the left.

6/5/2015: Dave Grace has been maintaining e93 for Windows and has posted it on github.

4/24/2010: A new version of the Mac-native e93 is now available. It adds Objective-C syntax highlighting, updated selection capabilities (using the control key), and fixes some issues with fonts.

11/22/2009: Fred Allen has ported e93 to the Mac! Click on the "Download Mac Executable" link at the left.

Quick installation notes:
Double click the e93.dmg file you downloaded.
Next double click the e93 volume that just got created on your desktop to open that.
You should see two files, Applications and e93.
Drag the e93 file to the Application file to install e93.

NOTE: OS X 10.5 users will need to download and install Tcl 8.5, if they don't already have it. Also, here's a link to the ActiveTcl home page.

1/4/2009: e93 version 1.4r1X released. This version has major changes to the way e93 updates windows and deals with dialogs. Also, the reliance of the editor on Tk has been eliminated. Only Tcl is now required to build e93.

12/20/2008: e93 version 1.3r5X released. This is just a maintainance release to make gcc 4.x happy, and to address some misfeatures of current window managers. NOTE: the RPMS are totally out of date. Please get the source and compile it (it only requires Tcl and Tk (no other packages needed)).

2/6/2006: e93 version 1.3r4X finally released. It contains some cleanup and new functions. See the README file for details.
NOTE: the RPMs available here are pretty old. I'm lazy about keeping them up to date, since I normally don't use them. If anyone wants to volunteer to build some new ones, I'll post them. In the mean-time, your best bet is to download the source and compile it on your machine.

1/21/2006: Adam Yellen supplied notes for building e93 under Mac OSX (X11). See "Links" section.

8/29/2002: Nicholas Adrian Vinen created DevEnv.
You can download it using the link at the left.
DevEnv uses Tcl scripts to make e93 behave as an IDE. It also adds some new syntax maps, and enhances existing ones.

From Nicholas:
There's a README, installation should be pretty straightforward. (make install). It adds a bunch of stuff.. better 'make' support, gdb support, better 'find in files (grep)' support, some source control support etc. It's pretty tweaked to the way I like things but as I'm sure you realise it's easy to customise e93 functionality.

7/7/2002: Torsten Sander has provided a PPC RPM.
You can download it using the link at the left.

From Torsten:
I've built an RPM package of e93 1.3r3X for PowerPC 32bit linux. e93 was linked against tcl 8.3.2 and tested on a SuSE 7.3 PPC distribution running on an IBM RS6k 260.

About e93

e93 is a portable window based text editor oriented to the needs of programmers. It was begun in 1993 (thus the name). It uses the mouse, selections, cut/copy/paste, and closely follows the model of editors on the Macintosh and NeXT platforms.

  • e93 is portable to environments other than Unix/X Windows -- as long as those environments support virtual memory.
  • e93 supports columnar selection. It achieves this by allowing multiple pieces of the text to be selected simultaneously (this is perhaps its most unique feature).
  • e93 imposes no limits on the line length, file length, or number of simultaneous files which it can edit.
  • e93 is able to handle all 8-bit binary codes without complaint, or confusion. It also supports UTF-8.
  • e93 is highly configurable without recompiling because scripts which control the editor can be written in Tcl.
  • e93 supports user-configurable syntax highlighting.
  • e93 is open sourced under the well known GNU General Public License.