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Useful Tips

e93 on German Linux Box

From: Michael Zuelsdorff <micha@dolbyco.han.de>
The only problem I ran into was my German keyboard. You might know, that we have Umlauts and other special characters instead of all those brackets and braces. My solution are some additonal lines in my .e93rc:

	bindkey 7      {00100000000} {InsertAndHome [ActiveWindowOrBeep] "\{"};
	bindkey 8      {00100000000} {InsertAndHome [ActiveWindowOrBeep] "\["};
	bindkey 9      {00100000000} {InsertAndHome [ActiveWindowOrBeep] "\]"};
	bindkey 0      {00100000000} {InsertAndHome [ActiveWindowOrBeep] "\}"};
	bindkey ssharp {00100000000} {InsertAndHome [ActiveWindowOrBeep] "\\"};
	bindkey q      {00100000000} {InsertAndHome [ActiveWindowOrBeep] "\@"};
	bindkey plus   {00100000000} {InsertAndHome [ActiveWindowOrBeep] "\~"};
	bindkey less   {00100000000} {InsertAndHome [ActiveWindowOrBeep] "|"};